Colorado Militaria Show

General Rules & Information

1) Anyone under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by and supervised by an adult.

2) All local, State, and Federal laws will be enforced! A.T.F. rules and regulations allow for private transactions of Military Curios and Relics firearms. Any other type of firearms transfer requires a State background check.

3) No loaded firearms or ammunition/munitions allowed in the hall.

4) No smoking, liquor, and or drugs allowed in the hall.

5) The flag of the United State of America is not allowed to be desecrated in any way, i.e. as a table cover. Show management shall have final say in this matter.

6) Strictly forbidden are: any materials of any nature that glorify, propagate any type of hate items (race, religion, color, sex, and etc,). Show management shall have final say in this matter.

7) No photographic or other recording equipment is allowed in the hall, without prior approval.

8) Please report any suspicious behavior or activity you may observe. Regardless, show management cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to dealer merchandise. All who attend agree to hold harmless the show management from all claims to bodily injury and /or property loss; and or damage arising out of participation in the show.


1. MERCHANDISE. The show management reserves the right to have any items or materials removed that DO NOT conform to the theme of this show. Failure to remove anything requested could result in expulsion from the hall and future loss of assigned table(s).

2. VENDORS are responsible to protect the integrity of the show. Be honest and properly represent your merchandise. All complaints should be settled to the satisfaction of all parties.

3. VENDORS – Beginning on JANUARY 1, 2016, any Vendor who has not pre-paid for a table at least 7-days prior to the show may forfeit their table(s) to a pre-paid Vendor.

4. VENDORS departing the show prior to 3:00 P.M. on show day may forfeit their tables for the remaining show dates of the current year.

5. VENDOR tables should not be left unattended or unsecured during the show. Space behind the tables shall be maintained so that others may have safe access to their table(s). Tables are not to be moved, NOR transferred to another Vendor or Attendee regardless of the table status. COVERS must be used and completely cover the table top in order to protect from damage or scratches. Vendors whose assigned tables are declared as scratched by QUALITY INN staff may be subject to pay for table damage, if so assessed.

6. REIMBURSEMENTS/REFUNDS – No monetary reimbursement/refund will be given. Credit will be issued ONLY for the next scheduled show, and will be valid for the same location for which payment was made.

7. TABLE TRANSFERS – No transfers of pre-paid tables shall be made to any individual whatsoever.

8. SALES TAX. ALL VENDORS AND/OR ATTENDEES who sell items at the Colorado Militaria Collector Show (CMCS) are solely responsible for any and all applicable state and/or Federal tax laws; and are also responsible to comply with all applicable Federal, State and local laws, to collect any tax (es), and report this tax.

9. ATF/BACKGROUND CHECKS etc., for all local, State, and Federal laws will be enforced! A.T.F. rules and regulations allow for private transactions of military curios and relics firearms. Any other type of firearm transfer requires a background check. There is a licensed FFL dealer at each show who will assist you should you need a background check conducted. Buyer is responsible for fees for this transaction, payable to the FFL dealer.

10. Vendors acknowledge and agree they are only renting Vendor table(s) from the (CMCS), and NOT entering into a “Bailor- Bailee” relationship regarding the items to be traded/displayed on table(s).

11. Vendors recognize that neither the (CMCS), nor their members, agents, subcontractors or representatives are accepting delivery or control of the specific item(s) placed on tables for trade/display table(s) during the show; and will only display/sell live ammunition of any kind {if allowed] at the particular show location. Denver Location – NOT allowed. Rifle Garfield County Fairgrounds – ALLOWED.

12. Vendor assumes sole and absolute authority and control over each and every item placed on table for trade/display and reserves the right to remove all of these items at the close of the show each day.

13. Vendors – As additional consideration for the trade/display table(s) made available, Vendors expressly waive all claims, legal or otherwise of any kind, including bailment, against the (CMCS), or their members, agents, family or heirs, subcontractors and representatives for any mishap, injury, or loss occurring before, during, or after the (CMCS).

14. Vendors – As a Vendor, I have read and understand the show rules and that my failure to comply may result in expulsion from the show. I will also further comply with the COLORADO MILITARIA COLLECTOR SHOW Vendor rules; the Colorado-State Sales Tax requirements; Colorado-State Firearms Laws, and the ATF/BACKGROUND CHECK requirements.

Click for the pdf document “Show Rules”